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Royal Arms of Owensboro

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Royal Arms of Owensboro Reviews

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"I am not the resident at Royal Arms however my elderly mother is and has been for almost two years now. Let me start first with the management and maintenance staff at the property. The property manager DAILY goes above and beyond to maintain the property standards with the landscaping, the workout facilities, laundry room and the entire grounds not the mention how meticulous she is with the apartments to make sure they are comfortable and up to date with the furnishings. There are many newer apartment complexes in Owensboro one being Chandler Apartments which i visited for my mother and Brushwood. Those although newer they, did not reflect the charm of the community that the property manager, Dana Marshall, projects there. She is the one that ensures that the personality and integrity of the property is upheld everyday by the staff. Chandler offered much newer choices however they did not offer what Dana Marshall and the staff gives your residents daily. Now today I needed to pay my moms rent ( after five) but being busy with my job, child, getting ready for school and life it completely slipped my mind that it was even the fifth of the month. Therefore I called the property and they were still there, I explained the situation. Just so happens Dana was talking with Lucinda Barnes, so I explained to Ms. Barnes my situation and she IMMEDIATELY had a resolution to my problem. I could hear her quickly typing on the computer after me giving her information and within 2 minutes I had the link to the website to not only pay moms rent today with no late fee but I could also set her up on the auto pay which I desperately needed since I travel every other week with my job and have little time in between taking care of my household monthly bills so this was extremely appreciated and honestly they both could have said sorry it's after five we aren't open. There, Dana and Linda, dedication to make sure my experience with paying late, getting set up to auto pay mom's monthly rent was way above and beyond, this day in time you NEVER EVER see this type of service, not only service but sincerely wanting to help me to make sure my mothers rent is paid on time and with no late fees. I cannot commend their efforts enough today for helping me. This is why I chose Royal Arms Owensboro for my mother the live at the rest of her years. The daily efforts to ensure the residents are well cared for , the due diligence of the maintenance staff, the assistant manager, the property manager (Dana) and Linda going above and beyond her responsibility to take care of helping me to get my mom's rent on time............ this is the reason. The entire staff there and Linda are excellent."

- August 2019 by Kathy Thompson

" Very clean, spacious, and affordable "

- November 2015 by Noland A.

"Best apartment complex in town! This apartment complex has beautifully maintained grounds with flowers and trees; a lovely pool with umbrella tables/chairs, and a clubhouse. The maintenance staff is competent and always on call and cheerfully helpful at all times. We are centrally located and accessible to all areas of the city. The complex is set back from the street and very private. The nearby woodsy area provides tenants the opportunity to see deer, wild turkeys, etc. And best of all, pets"

Review Received From: http://Apartments.com

- July 2015 by Unknown

"You will be hard-pressed to find better value. This place is great in management, size, and maintenance for the price."

- October 2014 by Anonymous
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